Princeton Tec

About Princeton Tec:

"It’s no exaggeration to say that headlamps transformed our business. By moving our lights from hands to heads, we’ve been privileged serve a whole new group of customers – from rock climbers and campers to sled mushers, utility workers, and global peacekeepers. The Solo was Princeton Tec’s first waterproof or water-resistant headlamp. Next, we introduced the industry’s first LED headlamp, the Matrix, which was a game-changer for brightness, durability and burn time.

We’re always refining our design and manufacturing to create headlamps that can withstand just about anything. The Sync is renowned for its single arm bracket and dial interface, while the Quad can run on alkaline or lithium batteries. The Apex shines in places like Alaska, where extreme conditions require serious light, power and durability. Just like you, we’re determined to keep pushing the limits of what’s possible."