PETZL Headlamps with Reactive Lighting


This exclusive technology, developed by Petzl, instantly provides the right light at the right time, without the need for manual operation. Burn time is thus optimized and the user can engage in his or her activity with peace of mind. Beyond Power... Intelligence! Available on lamps in the PERFORMANCE line.


Intelligent lighting

Exclusive REACTIVE LIGHTING technology, perfected and patented by Petzl, revolutionizes hands-free lighting. This system uses a sensor to analyze reflected light, instantly delivering optimal brightness and beam pattern for the given situation.


Hands free lighting for greater convenience and performance

REACTIVE LIGHTING lamps are designed especially for committing and intensive sports: no need to manually switch between modes; the user's hands are completely free, allowing complete focus on the activity.


Proximity lighting

To see an object at close range (reading a map, tying a knot or putting up a tent, for example) the beam is very wide and less bright. Lighting adapts automatically to the distance of the object.


For walking or running, the beam is mixed: wide to see your feet and focused to anticipate the terrain ahead.

Distance vision

When raising the head to see farther (looking for a trail marker during a race or for the anchor on a climb, for example), the brightness increases considerably, and the beam becomes focused.




Longer burn time

Intelligent lighting thus optimizes battery life, offering greater burn time for your lamp.

Change in brightness based on user need