Choose your energy source!

The HYBRID design allows Petzl's new compact headlamps to run off both the CORE rechargeable battery or three AAA/LR03 batteries, without an adapter. A practical and flexible solution that allows the user to take advantage of each of these energy sources, depending on use. Compatible with all TIKKINA, TIKKA, ZIPKA, ACTIK, ACTIK CORE, TACTIKKA, TACTIKKA + and TACTIKKA +RGB headlamps.

For frequent and intensive use: the CORE rechargeable battery

• Simple universal charging via the USB port
• Economical solution over time: 1 CORE battery = 900 AAA/LR03 batteries
• Small and light: 23 g (against 33 g for the three AAA/LR03 batteries)
• Lithium-Ion battery: very low self-discharge rate and very high performance, even at low temperatures

For occasional use: AAA/LR03 batteries

• No self-discharge: the batteries work even after a long period of non-use
• Very long storage time